Ovingham Bridge refurbishment prevented the traditional Goose Fair from taking place this year.










The Proclamation.
Neville & Cathrine want Holland to win.









Ada & Rosemary check the rules for Georgina.
Have bacon butties ever tasted so good?








Getting busy.
The Duke's Piper, Chris O plays the blues.
Jean and the fantastic Ukes of Northumberland.
Sandra gooses it up on the craft group stall.









Master of Ceremonies, Richard lurks.
The Gosling Fair Poster.








The menfolk of the village look on.
Colin Brannen and another satisfied customer.
Richard, Joe & Dean.
Debbie gets down with the kids.
Market trader Dawn between bargain deals.
Busier still !
Liz gets the pluck-a-duck going.
I don't know how these two teenagers got served.
Sally & Louise get everyone drunk.
David lays down the green law - "One inch of water in your bath is quite sufficient, madam."
"I'd like an ice cream as big as a goose, please."
And they all lived happily ever after ...
Hazel looks after the gambling table.
Some ravers storm the stage high on drugs.
Sam Shields - the coolest boy in town?
Neville & Chris split the profits so they can hit the pub.
The wonderful Ovingham & District Choir.
Divine Crown rock on.
Dean & Sam - what a duo!
Sam from above.
Lyrical Whisky get them dancing.
Lyrical Whisky.
Guest diva Keren takes to the stage.
Gosling Fair Flier - winning design by Shea Sullivan.

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Gooseberry Jam Flier.